Pushplay is a full service production company. We service all your pre-production, production and post-production needs. Contact us for rates and detailed descriptions of all our services.

  • Production & Direction – From the moment you contact us, till the project is complete, we are committed to the comprehensive production of your video.
  • Research – Our dedication to becoming experts on your company, product or service is the hidden and vital element to the success of your video.
  • Lighting – One of the biggest differences between amateur video and quality professional work is in the lighting. Our experienced crew of professionals will make the most average looking shot stand out on screen.
  • Editing – The invisible art of crafting a story happens in the editing room. Our production and editing team integrate concept with craft.
  • Motion Graphics – Often a silent contributor, state of the art 3D animated graphics provide the finishing touches, making the film polished and professional.
  • Original Music – Music can be expensive to obtain, and cheap stock music never quite holds up. Our in-house composer creates custom music providing an emotional tone to support the look and feel of your brand. 
  • Strategy - Our team will assist you or your client in building and implementing a strategy for maximum exposure of your brand.
  • Short Film - Evoking a response through storytelling is at the core of what we do. Creating humorous, inspiring, or thought-provoking and engaging films is more than our job, it's our passion.