Meredith Corporation

"Pushplay was an ideal choice to produce this very important series. The videos are a perfect fit for the Gamma campaign and bring The Gamma Factor to life in an exciting and thought-provoking way." - Nancy Weber, Chief Marketing Officer, Meredith Corporation 

We've teamed up with Lisa Johnson and Lisa Finn to tell the story of who the Gamma Women is. This video explores a dialogue with the Meredith Corporation and how their readers embody the Gamma Spirit. Watch the other videos in the Gamma Series on our Archives Page 

Gamma Woman, n., pl. Gamma Women or Gammas.
1. A woman whose sense of self is guided by her internal beliefs, passions, and priorities rather than by allying herself with external social hierarchies or other indicators of status.
2. A woman who stands in the center of a web of positive personal connections, who aims to bring out the best in herself and the people with whom she interacts.
3. A female consumer segment of vast numbers and powerful influence, who shares and exchanges information, contacts, and opinions with a broad and diverse network using multiple media and channels of communication.